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Show us your city

What is tempocity?

Tempo Documentary Festival is Sweden’s largest celebration of documentary films. This year we want YOU to show us your reality. #tempocity will be a film experience created by you, your friends and the citizens of the world.

Together we will create an amazing short film where the cities of the world come alive like never before. Swedish artist Jenny Wilson will then add her own vision to the film with music inspired by your contributions.

Read on to see how you can show the world your city – the way you see it.

Share your video

In a city of a million people there are a million different stories. #tempocity hereby invites you to share a brief moment of your life with us. It could be an amazing moment, a sad moment or an everyday moment. The choice is yours.

The short film, a full-blown audio-visual experience, will premiere here on March 13th. Make sure your story is part of it.

How to contribute

Open Instagram

Film 15 seconds of your life

Tag #tempocity and upload before March 1st

Thank you for joining us and for being a part of this unique creative process.
We look forward to sharing your reality with the world.
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Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest festival of its kind in Sweden. Founded in 1998, Tempo has since the start presented creative documentaries from all over the world, which would otherwise not reach the Swedish audience.

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